The Narborough Airfield Research Group (NARG), which is an independent group within the Narborough Local History Society was formed a number of years ago to research and keep alive the memory of Narborough Aerodrome and the men and women who served there.

The founder members of the group are David Burchell, Bill Seager, Roger Sheldrake and David Turner. The group regularly give lectures and displays on the Aerodrome and the Royal Flying Corps and it has had a number of articles published and a book on Narborough Aerodrome is now available for sale. (see publications)

Background to members of NARG;

DAVID BURCHELL spent thirty one years as an Air Traffic Control Officer in the Royal Air Force and retired as a Squadron Leader in 1996. He and his wife, Maureen, moved to Narborough in the same year where David met the other members of the NARG who rekindled his interest in local and aviation history. David obtained a Certificate in English Local History in 1999 and is a volunteer worker at Swaffham Museum where he is responsible for the Museum’s photographic collection and document archives.

BILL SEAGER served twenty six years in the Royal Air Force including four years at nearby RAF Marham. He is at present employed by the Ministry of Defence as a Professional and Technical Officer at RAF Wyton. He moved to Narborough in 1981 and has a Certificate in Local History. He is an avid Naval historian with an extensive knowledge of the subject.

ROGER SHELDRAKE has been a student of military history since childhood and flew occasionally with the RAF whilst with the Meteorological Office. He has a degree in Modern European History and Politics and is actively engaged in Royal Air Force research. His interest in military aviation has involved him in the preservation of a number of aircraft.

DAVID TURNER has been a teacher in Norfolk for thirty five years and has been researching local history since 1980. After a series of lectures on the village’s past he helped to form the Narborough Local History Society of which he is presently Chairman. He has published a three-part village history of Narborough and a book entitled ‘Two West Norfolk Airfields in the Great War – Narborough and Marham’.