Welcome to 59 Squadron

59 Squadron formed at Narborough in 1916 during the First World War, as a reconnaissance squadron.  Equipped with RE8 aircraft, it departed for France in 1917 only to be caught up in the bloody air war of April 1917 when it sustained very heavy losses – life expectancy was then no more than 23 days. It was during the Great War that Captain Carbery of 59 was responsible for the capture of an enemy artillery gun and the wheel, which still exists, became the centrepiece of the squadron badge. The Squadron achieved a unique reputation for their excellent photographs, copies of which were continually being demanded by various units owing to the very valuable information obtained from them. 11 MC’s, 12 DFC’s (& 1 Bar), 7MM’s and 1 DCM were awarded to the Squadron during the Great War. The first Commanding Officer of 59 Squadron was Major Robert ‘Bob’ Egerton, MC. He took command in August 1916 at Narborough but died in an airplane crash France in December 1917.